Which SSL authentication method is best for me?

Last updated on 07 Sep 2023, 15:05:57.
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The right SSL authentication method depends on your specific needs and the level of trust you want to provide to your website visitors.

  1. Domain Validation (DV): This verification method is suitable for basic security. It only verifies that you are the owner of the domain for which you are requesting the SSL certificate. DV certificates can be issued quickly and are suitable for simple websites.

  2. Organization Validation (OV): OV certificates offer a higher level of verification. In addition to domain validation, the identity of your organization is checked. This involves checking company information, such as the official name and address. OV certificates create a trustworthy image and are suitable for corporate websites and other online services where customers need to have confidence in the identity of the organization.

  3. Extended Validation (EV): EV certificates offer the highest level of verification. In addition to domain validation and organization validation, there is thorough validation of the organization, including verification of legal and physical presence. EV certificates are often used by government agencies, banks and other organizations that require the highest level of trust and security.

To choose the right authentication method, consider the nature of your Web site, the data you collect and the trust you want to build with your visitors. If you need simple security, DV is sufficient. For a higher level of trust, OV and EV certificates are more appropriate.

Do you have questions or need more information? Don't hesitate to contact Kinamo. Our team is always ready to help you choose the best authentication method based on your specific situation and needs.

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