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How do we see this?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has long ceased to be hype and by now has far surpassed random keywords such as "ecology" and "corporate sustainability." The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) nicely summarize what having a Sustainable Business can all consist of.
Kinamo obviously cannot meet all the goals set by the United Nations, but we do our utmost to try to make a difference, even with small interventions.

How do we see this? We strive to maintain a correct and quality embraced service for our customers with the guiding principle of providing a healthy balance between people, work and environment. This ranges from how our employees feel in the workplace to choice of client projects, approach and commitment.
We can safely say that this is one of the main drivers of our organization!

Energy-friendly hosting

Sustainability for a cloud service provider starts at the source: our data center locations use green power. 100% of the energy generated is from renewable energy sources (wind, biomass and solar power). For cooling the server environment - an energy intensive process - extensive use is made of efficient energy recovery.

Kinamo employs a continuous improvement process in several areas: server infrastructure, hardware and constant innovation. For our server infrastructure, we work exclusively with energy-efficient hardware that provides a healthy balance between performance and energy consumption. By keeping an eye on technology as far as innovation is concerned - and there certainly is in our industry - we can continue to focus on efficiency and progress in many other areas as well.
This whole "continuous improvement cycle" is also strongly woven into our ISO9001 certification!

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Kinamo? That's feeling good in the workplace!

For us, "responsible business" is tangible in two areas: providing a pleasant working environment for employees and offering a customer-friendly approach with a personal touch for our customers.

We believe that a modern company must ensure that the customer does not feel like he is with just another "supplier" but with someone who thinks along and ahead with the customer and wants to carry the same passion for innovation and optimization through to the customer's business.

Another key component that contributes to a driven and correct service is a healthy "work/life" balance for the employees. It sounds like yet another trendy term, but we have been working according to this principle for 20 years and with success!

Reinvest and support

We strongly believe in reinvesting knowledge, both internally and externally. This translates into the continuous search for efficient solutions, automation and improvement of business processes.

In addition to building an extensive knowledge base, we also invest in non-profit and educational projects on a regular basis. This both by providing knowledge and consultancy but also by offering customized development and technical support.

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