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Secure your website today with the help of an SSL certificate

Why buy your SSL certificate from Kinamo

  • We strive to offer products with the right balance between a fair price, quality and solid support.
    In doing so, we also take into account the time required to validate an SSL certificate: the process behind issuing the certificates and the support and administrative follow-up required for this, even after ordering.

  • Service translates in two areas: advice on ordering an SSL certificate and after-sales service.

    We help you choose the right type of certificate, generate the right type of Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and provide advice around installation and conversion of the certificates.

  • There are dozens of certificate providers (Certificate Authorities or CAs) and a whole range of different "types" of certificates.

    Our selected offer consists of SSL products from CAs that we support ourselves. Not only the cost price is important but also, for example, the course of a validation procedure and the administrative requirements associated with it. Because. Time also costs money!

  • Call on our solid and award-winning support. Our specialists will provide smooth and clear answers to all your questions.

    "Thanks for the prompt support" is an oft-repeated feedback from our customers!

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More details about SSL

An SSL certificate is the first important step toward a more secure website.

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Advantages of an SSL certificate

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    Security lock

    The certificate marks your website with a lock representing a "secure" website.
    So your website will no longer be marked as "Not Secure"!

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    Increased confidence

    By using an SSL certificate, data between client and server is sent securely.
    This creates more trust among visitors.

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    Higher conversion

    Websites that have an SSL certificate provide more trust, better conversion and a faster decision to purchase.

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    Rank better in Google

    Websites that have an SSL certificate are automatically prioritized over insecure websites in the Google search index.

Questions about SSL?

You have a question about certificates or don't know which product is most suitable for your application?

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