Privacy declaration

We make every effort to ensure your privacy and therefore handle personal data with care. The Kinamo NV privacy policy strictly follows the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In our privacy policy, we want to provide clear and transparent information about what information we collect and how we handle your personal data.

To whom does this privacy policy apply?

Our privacy policy applies to the personal data of our customers (individuals or companies) for which we provide services and third parties whose personal data is being processed by Kinamo as processing agent through their agreement with our customers - in which we fulfill the role of "data processor".

This privacy policy applies to all Kinamo websites and applications (our company website, MyKinamo customer zone, Koreo).

For some of our cloud services, Kinamo acts exclusively as a data processor. For this purpose you may obtain our data processing agreement. For more information, please contact us.

Which personal data can be processed by Kinamo?

Kinamo will process data that can be cataloged into different types of data:

  • Information provided by you
  • Data collected by our infrastructure
  • Data supplied by third parties

Information provided by you

This data can be obtained, for example, through direct communication with you. This can be done by telephone, e-mail or via a website form. This can range from an information request via our website, a problem reported by you or a support request.

Data collected by our infrastructure

In order to guarantee you the most accurate service possible, we link your data to the use of our services and infrastructure. Examples are e-mail addresses, hosting subscriptions, server configuration, IP addresses, certificates.

We also process IP data from third parties, logged on our infrastructure via your website or by our customers. IP data on our hosting infrastructure (website hosting) is stored anonymously.

Data supplied by third parties

We can dispose of your personal data when requesting a check of your company data, by using a company database. In all these cases, your data will be handled with care and is fully covered by our privacy policy.

Why do we collect your personal data?

There are various reasons and goals for which Kinamo will process your company or personal data. Below you will find more information about the reason and the way in which we collect data in the section 'When are we saving your personal data?'.

We need your information:

  • to be able to follow up on questions for support and so that we can have a contact point in case of problems.
  • to combat abuse, fraud and infringements.
  • to comply with our statutory, fiscal and accounting obligations.
  • to communicate with you in relation to ordering our services, providing you information and status updates, to inform your about your subscriptions or purchased services;
  • to ensure that we legally comply with the regulations we must comply with;

In no way does Kinamo inspect the content of your files and / or communication, unless you explicitly request this, for example for debugging and support purposes. Examples are: analyzing of less efficiently responding services, web application debugging, database performance, etc.

E-mail traffic sent to or from Kinamo e-mail servers is investigated for the presence of viruses or unwanted messages. This detection is done automatically, using an e-mail filter that will determine whether a message is undesirable by using code analysis and algorithms, without checking the content of your e-mails.

When will we save your data?

1. When establishing a customer relationship

This may involve the conclusion of a new agreement between Kinamo and you as an individual or your company. Anyone who registers as a new customer at Kinamo will be asked for information so that we can approach you both commercially in a correct way (so that we can present a correct solution) and legally (for example, for payment and / or invoicing).

Your data is used to ensure that your service can function correctly and that payment requests can correctly be processed. Depending on the service that you will purchase from Kinamo, we can proceed to a credit check. We do this to ensure that both you and us can start with a healthy customer / supplier relationship.

Personal data collected by us includes your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, preferred language for communication and, if applicable, name of your company, VAT number, registration number.

We also keep your billing and payment details and all required quantitative information that allows us to invoice you in a correct manner and to substantiate this in the event of a dispute;

We also keep your preferences for communication with our company, which you have indicated via the MyKinamo customer zone;

Your data will be kept as long as necessary for the agreement and as deemed necessary to comply to our legal obligations.

On a technical level, we store the necessary traceable data on Kinamo servers that is used to identify problems or to identify abuses.

In no way we collect data we are not allowed to keep legally (political opinions, racial or ethnic origin ...).

2. By using our contact form

By filling in your details on the contact form of our corporate website or the MyKinamo customer site, you give us the permission to use your personal information to provide an answer to your informational questions, quote requests, or other possible information you have requested via the form.

To be able to help you in a correct manner, we ask for your name, e-mail address, telephone number, company name and the information you enter in the text field "your question".

This information will be stored for non-customer for a period of 12 months. Please contact us if you want us to remove this information from our system.

For support requests, a history of your request is kept on record. This way we can guarantee a better service by having a backlog of your original question and allows us to improve our support process.

3. By using our MyKinamo customer site

The MyKinamo website is the customer site of Kinamo. This website gives you information about your services, but also your contact details, technical and performance data, payment and invoicing details.

Kinamo respects the privacy of this personal information and has built in sufficient safeguards and security measures to protect this information.

The MyKinamo website uses your data to make sure your service information is presented in a correct way. You have full control over your personal data (via account settings) and may indicate your preferences regarding communication with our company (opt-in, commercial information, ...).

Access to the MyKinamo customer zone is regulated by user name and password. This authentication process can be changed by Kinamo at any time. If such modification restricts your access to the customer zone this may not lead to financial compensation from our side in any matter. Simply contact our support team and they will sort out your access.

4. By using the live chat module

You can contact us via the Kinamo website via a live chat module. If you contact us via this route, in response to a question, order or other reason, we will only request and store the necessary information that is required to answer your question.

If applicable, you will receive an e-mail containing the chat conversation containing all data we have saved from the chat session.

5. Via direct contact (telephone)

If you call us in response to a question, order or other reason, we will only request and store the information that is required to answer your question. If the answer to your request requires a more verbose feedback, a ticket will be created containing your initial request and possible follow up.

6. Via cookies

Kinamo uses cookies for various purposes. This ranges from keeping statistical data when visiting our website, to storing basic data so that during your next visit your user experience in the customer site or website is enhanced (for example, a language choice).

Cookies are used throughout our websites. We also use cookies placed by third party services as described below.

7. Via third party services

Kinamo uses various third party services to collect statistical, performance and marketing related data in order to improve your user experience and optimize our services. These services also place cookies and are only implemented by us if they make use of secure connections and apply a privacy policy in line with the European GDPR guidelines.

We refer to the following services:

Google Analytics. We use Google Analytics, a website analysis tool from Google Inc. to analyze the use of our website, provide statistical data on visitor numbers, demographic data, etc. This data is also shared with other Google services (such as Adwords). For more information, please consult Google's privacy policy.

Google Adwords. In Google Adwords we use a conversion tracking cookie, an analytical service that allows us to link the Google Adwords network with actions carried out on our website. In addition, we also use the Google Adwords remarketing options. Google Adwords also uses the central privacy policy of Google Inc. For more information, please consult Google's privacy policy.

Remarketing. We use cookies on our site with a reference to remarketing, in this way advertisements placed by Kinamo, such as search engine ads and social media ads are adapted based on your visit to our websites, so that they are more relevant to your profile.

8. By making publicity for Kinamo

Just like you, Kinamo is also present on social networks. By means of 'posts' and advertisements on networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, you may receive information about Kinamo and its products.

If you do not wish to see such publicity, you should adjust your ad settings in your account or refer to for more information on how to control this flow of information.

Where do we store your data?

Kinamo SA is a Belgian company, our headquarters are in Belgium, as are our most important infrastructural facilities. Our servers are located in datacenters in Belgium. In exceptional cases, we use other cloud providers. Before relying on such services we do a profound check whether this infrastructure is located on European soil and/or the data processing guidelines are based on European GDPR legislation.

Do we pass on your details to third parties?

Information that you provide to Kinamo will be treated on a confidential basis.

Your information will under no circumstances be passed on to third parties unless:

  • You have requested this yourself, for example in the context of a collaboration.
  • To companies or entities within our group, they use the same privacy policy as Kinamo;
  • In the context of follow up of unpaid invoices; this so that Kinamo may not suffer financial loss;
  • It is necessary to guarantee a correct service, examples are databases for domain name registrations; Such third parties are also subject to the GDPR guidelines;

Should we have to pass on your details to a third party for a reason not mentioned above, this will always be explained why we do this and which party is involved.

We will always ask for your explicit consent, if required by law.

Kinamo has taken several measures to protect your privacy and to safeguard your personal data. This is not necessarily the case with other websites you visit, including those to which we link or that link to us. We strongly encourage you to review the privacy statement of these sites before submitting your personal details.

Our privacy policy only applies to data collected by Kinamo, either via the website or in another way related to our company processes.

How do we secure your data?

We do our best to protect your data. We do this by using authentication mechanisms in our applications to setting up physical security and infrastructural security.

Our employees are trained to handle confidential data correctly and we limit the number of employees that have to deal with your data, to the level we may provide a correct service level for our customers.

To protect our information flows, applications, network and infrastructure, we work with a procedural approach based on the ISO27001 standard. In addition, Kinamo is ISO9001 certified which implies that our business processes must meet a high quality and closely monitored quality system. Recurring annual audits are performed to keep our processes up to date.

Decisions about implementations of systems that have an impact on the way your data is processed are always thoroughly analyzed with your privacy interests as a first and main requirement. In addition, we provide sufficient security measures that you can use to protect your data, ranging from passwords for your e-mail addresses to restricted access to your customer account.

Online payments via the website are made by using a payment service provider (PSP), a specialized company that checks the validity of your credit card details with your bank. Your credit card details are encrypted using Secure Sockets Layers (SSL), so that they are only visible to the PSP. Kinamo itself does not store credit card data in its databases, nor does it receive it from the PSP.

Your personal information that we have stored is only accessible to authorized employees and to you, via our secure customer website. You are responsible for preventing misuse of the data that we have provided to you. We provide strong passwords for a reason. Do not leave your username and password unattended, and remember to log out afterwards if you log in from a shared or public computer on our secure customer website.

The right to access your data

In accordance with the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy, you are entitled at all times to request all your personal details and to have any changes made.

We offer you access to a secure customer website, MyKinamo, where you can view your data and modify your data. For adjustments not possible within MyKinamo (for example VAT changes) you can contact us via our web form.

Kinamo reserves the right to keep a copy of the previous data in case of changes to your data, in order to be able to correct any errors or abuses afterwards.

The right to delete your data

You have the right to have your data removed and this within a reasonable period of time, in the event of termination of the service and if we no longer require to keep your data in order to comply with our legal obligations. For more information about deleting your data, please contact

The right to transfer your data

By contacting Kinamo or by accessing our customer zone (MyKinamo) you may obtain your data in a readable format.

Only your personal data is offered in this format. Technical data, data files and information relating to a used service is not applicable.

Changes to our privacy policy

As both our business activities and the relevant legislation are subject to change, it may be necessary for us to adjust this privacy statement. We advise you to consult this statement on a regular basis. Changes to this statement come into force at the time of publication on the Kinamo website.

This statement will always be accessible from every page of the Kinamo website. For more information about our privacy policy or in case of questions regarding the processing of your personal data, you can contact the Data Protection Officer of Kinamo via

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