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Who is Kinamo?

Kinamo has been providing hosting solutions and development of custom web projects, APIs and sites since 2003. We have over 20 years of experience as a cloud hosting and managed services provider, offering services to numerous companies, developers and professionals. In IT terms, 20 years sounds about like.... a century. But that does not mean we are the dinosaurs of IT land, far from it!

We passionately follow the evolution of our industry and provide professional advice to our customers, both in terms of development and hosting infrastructure.
Kinamo is a dynamic team of experienced system administrators, DevOps engineers and developers, each with a thorough speciality and a complementary skill set. Our "can do" mentality and down to earth approach combined with choice of innovative technologies ensures high customer satisfaction.

We offer a full service approach to cloud hosting, development services and DevOps.

Our base of operations is located in Antwerp, the Kinamo network and all related infrastructure is housed in various data centers in Brussels.

What do we stand for?

  • Did you know that "Kinamo" is Swahili for "flexibility"?
    In an ever-changing landscape of digital innovation, it is crucial to embrace the right new technology and make it work for your business.

    Choosing flexible cloud solutions tailored to the operation of your business and the right development partner will ensure that your position in the market is strengthened.

  • We look at each new trend and technological advance individually - regardless of all the hype - and implement what really matters.

    You can rest assured, as a customer you know that you are dealing with a partner who knows his stuff. Over the years we can safely say: we've seen it all. Kinamo is not guided by the latest technological bubble but helps you make the right choice in your mission to further grow your business digitally.

  • Within a team, it is important that each individual has a delineated task in which expertise can excel. Each individual link creates a well-oiled machine with only one goal: to be ready for you, the customer.

    Our staff takes the bull by the horns and bites into every problem. To support our expertise , we also carry the necessary certifications from our technical partners.

  • We are always there for you, regardless of your question or problem.
    Telephone hold times are non-existent and e-mail tickets are answered promptly.

    Since 2017, our company has been ISO9001 certified, a confirmation of our implemented quality controls on our business processes. This also provides you, the customer, with the necessary guarantees of correct service.

Quick facts

There is little point in overwhelming someone with numbers and data.
We prefer to talk about core values, what is important to us and what message we want to convey.

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    Kinamo has 20 years as a managed services provider (MSP) and established, independent cloud hosting company.
    Add as many years of web development and you know you're on a team that knows its stuff!

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    Guaranteed expertise

    Our company is ISO9001 certified and has several additional certifications with technology partners.
    Our process-oriented approach contributes to efficiency in our services and provides additional guarantees around the quality of our services.

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    Core values

    Solution-oriented thinking and looking for flexible solutions are some of our core values.
    Other things that are important to us: a healthy work/life balance and a healthy work ethic.

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    Established value

    The Kinamo office is centrally located in Antwerp.
    The Kinamo network and infrastructure utilize two data centers in Brussels, Belgium. Kinamo has a Multihomed BGP network with redundant backbones.

Who do we work for?

Over the years we have been able to build up a nice client portfolio. Projects range from full service infrastructure, full managed services on public cloud environments or custom development and realization of the wildest ideas.
Our customers include the self-employed, SMBs, medium-sized companies and even multinationals, spread across various sectors.
They all choose Kinamo because of our reliable service, customer-friendliness and solution-oriented thinking. Are you next?

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Looking for a partner for your project? A fresh perspective on cloud infrastructure? ... Or just curious about who or what Kinamo really is?


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