mpt-statusd: detected non-optimal RAID status messages in Debian syslog files on VMware

Last updated on 06 Sep 2023, 13:10:51.

Debian vmware

If you have a virtual machine with Debian OS on a VMware environment, you may get the following message in the syslog:

Feb 11 10:26:40 host mpt-statusd: detected non-optimal RAID status

As soon as Debian is installed on a VMware ESXi host it assumes that disks are in RAID and the RAID verification service is being installed.

Removing mpt-statusd

It is sufficient to stop the mpt-status service and (optional) remove the package:

/etc/init.d/mpt-statusd stop
update-rc.d -f mpt-statusd remove

Removing the package can be done with apt-get:

apt-get remove mpt-status

That's it!

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