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What is the difference between server housing and hosting?

Last updated: 27/04/2016

Server housing or server colocation means you have your own server hardware, and you would like to install this in a datacenter. The hosting company - Kinamo in this case - ensures you have redundant power, climate control and connectivity towards the Internet. You are responsible for the server hardware and software.

Managed server hosting or dedicated server hosting means you use a server that you 'rent' for a monthly fee.
The big advantage of this server hosting formula is that the entire infrastructure and management of the server (both software and hardware) are done by Kinamo.
In other words, you only need to concentrate on the applications that run on your server, we do the rest.

Sometimes a difference is made between dedicated server hosting and managed dedicated server hosting, where the 'normal' dedicated server hosting has a limited support - and often is cheaper - compared to 'managed' dedicated server hosting.
Kinamo only offers managed server hosting, since we believe server hosting always needs a decent level of support.

You'll find more information about managed dedicated server hosting and server housing on the respective product pages.