Dedicated Servers

Kinamo takes care of the installation and configuration of the software, the replacement of faulty hardware and the maintenance and management of the operating system. Your dedicated server is placed in one of our datacenters. This way, you can count on a safe, secure infrastructure with speedy redundant Internet connections. All dedicated server hosting services by Kinamo are offered as "managed servers", which means we are entirely responsable for the management of the server!

"Hosting with no worries" is in no doubt mostly applicable to a dedicated server solution. You enjoy the reliability of your server while we make sure the engine keeps running.

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Rent your server, at your specifications

From experience, we know that no two dedicated servers are alike. Each dedicated server is tailor made in order to obtain a perfect balance between your budget, performance demand and the overall redundancy of your server solution.
On monthly basis you rent both hard- and software licenses.
The easiest solution, without stress!

Energy-efficient hardware

For our dedicated server hardware, we closely work with enterprise manufacturers such as Dell, HP, EMC, IBM. Our server configurations use CPU's with low voltage and energy saving disks. Together we contribute to an efficient balance between performance and power usage.

High speed Internet

Your dedicated server can be installed in one of our datacenter locations in Brussels. You will have access to super fast connections with major Internet Service Providers and network operators.
Your server comes with 2 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks by default, hooked up to our Cisco Catalyst Gigabit switches. No matter the datacenter you preferred: rest asure, your server will be placed in a professional and fully redundant location!

Crystal clear Service Level Agreements

A good service offer needs a solid service level agreement (SLA). Kinamo offers one of the best SLA guarantees on the hosting market. No hidden pitfalls, no surprises and adaptable to your needs!
A standard SLA is - how could it be otherwise? - standard included in your contract.


By default, your dedicated server is protected by the redundant Kinamo Firewall infrastructure. These redundant hardware firewalls ensure an excellent security barrier for your dedicated server. Even our entry level servers use a hardware firewall.
If you require a standalone firewall setup with even more flexibility you may opt for a dedicated firewall setup.


Operating Systems

  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows 2012 Server
  • Linux CentOS
  • Linux Debian


  • Redundant Cisco firewall appliances
  • Custom firewall rules
  • Patch management

IP Connectivity

  • Each server is connected to Cisco Catalyst switches with dual gigabit connections.
  • The Kinamo network is IPv6 ready.

RAID & Storage

  • Standard RAID1 (Mirror) on all servers.
  • Additional storage available on the Kinamo SAN through iSCSI.


  • Server monitoring (CPU load, services, memory & disk usage)
  • Individual bandwidth monitoring
  • 24/7 Network monitoring


  • E-mail support
  • Support by phone
  • Hardware & software support

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