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Published on 28 Nov 2023.

Let's start with one thing: thank you for reading this post.

Today is the perfect occasion to do so, as it's the International Day of Thanks. It's celebrated every year on January 11, and aims to encourage people around the world to show gratitude to those around them.

As a company, Kinamo would like to thank its customers, team and suppliers. They have all contributed in their own way to Kinamo's existence for over 19 years.

We are grateful for the many projects, challenges and questions from our customers.
Thanks to our suppliers and the Kinamo team, we can guarantee 99.99% availability. And a level of customer service that is much appreciated by our customers.

Thank you day

As CEO of Kinamo, I'm very grateful to the people who make up the Kinamo team. Every day, they provide our customers with the best solutions for their projects, offer excellent customer support and make working at Kinamo a real pleasure.

— Dominique Quintelier

We wondered what would be the best approach to make our gratitude even more personal in this post. That's why our team suggested adding our own thanks.

*No employee was coerced or harmed in this process.

Thanks from Koen

Technical Manager and Network Administrator

I'd like to thank not only our customers, but also all our contacts. Whether suppliers, colleagues, former customers or contacts who didn't become customers, I'd like to thank them all. Because, in one way or another, they all make Kinamo the company it is today.

Thanks also to Kinamo's colleagues. They make Kinamo a warm-hearted company where we all know each other and help each other to grow and evolve.

Thanks to our customers for the challenging projects and their support questions.
I have to admit that support isn't always easy. But I'm grateful for the opportunity to do so, because I know it helps me keep up to date and develop my expertise. It's great to see how I can contribute to our customers' businesses by helping them find solutions to their questions.

Thanks to our former customers, even though our paths have parted, our exchange has given us an experience that has made the company what it is today.

Thanks to all the prospects who didn't become customers, you gave us the opportunity to think about new solutions and how we can improve even further.

Finally, a big thank you to our families for their support.

Thanks from Sophie

Digital expert and project manager

Thank you day is a great opportunity to express/write my appreciation for the efforts people make to help each other, support our customers and generally do a great job!

Thanks to almost all customers, past and present, for the opportunity to learn, grow and for the cool digital stuff I get to work on.

Thanks to the Kinamo team for sharing their expertise, motivation and enthusiasm every day. With them and thanks to them, I can collaborate on projects ranging from online stores to interesting websites and the creation of online 360° virtual tours with photos, videos, 3D and VR, among others. How cool!

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