Happy 15th birthday Kinamo!

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Published on 28 Nov 2023.

Kinamo is 15 years old! Thanks to the trust of thousands of customers, we've become a healthy part of the Belgian Internet landscape. After all these years, and in a highly competitive market, we're still an established player in cloud hosting, managed services, development services and DevOps.

Despite the dominance of a few large players in Belgium, we are experiencing a sharp increase in demand for the "Kinamo" way of working. More and more customers are coming to us because they need a personalized approach and tailor-made solutions.

We'd like to thank our customers for the trust they've placed in our company, which has enabled it to develop to the present day.

Milestones at Kinamo

What has been Kinamo's journey over the years, and how has its expertise been built up? We're delighted to take a brief look back at the most important milestones in our history!


Kinamo was born out of Firstserved NV, founded in 2003.
Since its creation, we have acquired a distinctive and permanent place in the Belgian hosting landscape.


Our server infrastructure is fully deduplicated in several data centers. Server virtualization is maturing, creating opportunities for scalable, high-availability cloud infrastructures.


Rebranding of the Firstserved company name to "Kinamo".
Did you know that Kinamo means flexibility in Swahili? Find out here why the name Kinamo was chosen.


We obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification from the International Organization for Standardization. This certification confirms that Kinamo's internal quality management system meets the high requirements of this international standard. Find out here why we chose this ISO certification and how we achieved it.


Kinamo celebrates its 15th anniversary. In 2019, you can expect communication around the continued expansion of our existing services as well as the implementation of new technologies. Of course, Kinamo will remain the same. Customized solutions and a personal assistance approach remain our core focus!

Kinamo's full-service approach

In addition to our standard services such as domain names, SSL certificates and hosting, Kinamo also offers a full-service approach. This approach consists of 3 pillars.

Cloud hosting

We're best known for our advanced hosting solutions for developers, application service providers and entrepreneurs.
We go beyond our own infrastructure in Brussels and invariably opt for integration with Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine and hybrid cloud environments.

Development services

Over the years, we've built up extensive experience in the development of business-critical applications, (e-commerce) websites and digital asset management systems. Our expertise in design, application architecture and development guarantees a comprehensive approach.

Depending on your project needs, we can opt for both customization, where we write all the code ourselves, and development based on existing platforms such as WordPress and Craft.


Since its creation in 2003, Kinamo has had a team of development and hosting specialists. These specialists work closely together to combine their expertise in creating customized solutions. This has resulted in extensive DevOps experience: from setting up advanced automation, container services (Docker & Kubernetes) and deployment processes, to building complex application architecture.

Let's sit down together

Would you like to find out more about Kinamo's full-service offering? We'd be delighted to welcome you with coffee and a piece of birthday cake!

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