Is my e-mail address protected against spam?

Last updated on 28 Sep 2023, 10:31:54.
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The e-mail traffic at Kinamo is monitored by a severe anti-spam check. Our filters use several spam databases and mechanisms: heuristic filters like SpamAssassin and Bayes learning, online checks like razor, pyzor, Spamhaus, DCC (Distributed Clearinghouse), and others.

Each message sent to you will be verified by our anti-spam software. Based on publically accessible lists, filters and rules it will be determined whether the message being sent to you can be seen as 'unsollicited spam'.
If this is the case, the message will be sent to you (unmodified) but the subject will contain the following rule:

[Kinamo SPAM Filter]
This allows you to select the messages in your e-mail program based on subject and redirect them to the trashcan.

Are some spam messages blocked?

Messages that are 100% spam to our filters will be removed automatically. Constantly refreshed IP blacklists of known senders of spam (CBL and XBL) and viruses are consulted to bounce mail traffic from suspect sources.

This allows us to already filter 90% of the spam e-mail traffic on our e-mail servers. Please do not worry about false positives: your correspondents would never use any of those blacklisted mail servers.

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