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What is a rack unit ( 1U or 1RU ) ?

Last updated: 14/06/2018

A rack unit or one U is the standard size for servers and other network equipment that is installed in 19 inch server racks. These racks offer room for equipment that us 19" wide ( 482.6 mm ), and have variable height, expressed in rack units. 1U is 1.75" or 44.45 mm.

The height of a full rack varies based on the manufacturer, it can be between 40U and 46U. The racks Kinamo uses are 46U high, which means you may install 46 servers of 1U or similar network equipment.
Kinamo server racks are 1m deep and 80cm wide, allowing you easy access for cabling, even with modern, large servers. Our 1/4 racks can house 11U, our half racks have space for 22U.

In case you're interested in housing one or more servers at one of our datacenters, InterXion Brussels or Orange Brussels, we invite you to consult our server colocation page.

Should you wish to rent a quarter rack, half rack or full rack, you'll find the necessary information on our rackspace page.