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Easy validation of a GlobalSign certificate through a TXT record

Last updated: 13/01/2016

Validating a GlobalSign SSL certificate with a TXT record

GlobalSign offers the possibility to validate a certificate request by using a TXT record in your domain name zone, aside from the classic e-mail validation used by most Certificate Authorities (by using a hostmaster@yourdomain.be address), and a third option of using a file uploaded to the root of your website, similar to the validation process Google uses to determine ownership of a website.

Note that this validation method is reserved to SSL certificates of the domain validation type, such as AlphaSSL and DomainSSL. OV and EV SSL certificates require more in-depth verification.

The exact syntax however can be a bit unclear. The easiest way to do this is by adding a TXT record for the zone "origin" (@). This is a breeze if you are using the My Kinamo website or, if you manage your own zone files, by adding the line below:

@     IN   TXT       "globalsign-domain-verification=[UNIQUECODE]"

Don't forget to change the [UNIQUECODE] with the code provided by GlobalSign of course. After adding the record, you can simply continue with the validation proces and install your certificate.