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Published on 28 Nov 2023.

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Today, October 19, is Cancer Awareness Day. We don't need to tell everyone that cancer is a terrible disease. Everyone knows someone who has suffered from some form of cancer.
Kinamo is trying to contribute to research into these diseases (and others) through the World Community Grid.

Kinamo, a biotech company?

Kinamo is not, of course, a biotech company (although we can count some of them among our customers). We're primarily a cloud service provider with a great love of cutting-edge technology, and we don't do any direct cancer-related research.

Thanks to the World Community Grid we can use our "back-up infrastructure" to calculate the results of certain studies and projects. Because, let's face it, if one of our back-up machines isn't doing anything, we might as well activate it for a more useful function, right?

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In practice, this means that some of the servers in our infrastructure are used to provide computing power (CPU cycles), thereby contributing to the achievement of important results that enable research to be directed more rapidly towards the "right" areas for complex and vital scientific studies.

Why is this necessary?

It's a fact that if every device on this planet started using its computing power for such research, there would probably be much faster results in the scientific field. Unfortunately, that's not the way the world works...

The World Community Grid project, set up by IBM in 2004, is an initiative that is not solely based on economics, and an example of how progress can still be made without commercial interests.

Today, our servers have also made it possible to carry out over 20 years of research analysis as part of the "Mapping Cancer Markers" project... or how every little bit helps!

Are you interested in the World Community Grid, or would you like to find out more? Take a look at the official website!

To find out more about our results, visit the Kinamo team page.

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