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Published on 28 Nov 2023.

Today is International Systems Administration Appreciation Day.

We'd like to put the spotlight on our own system administrators. Because it's thanks to them that we're not only able to offer high-performance hosting and server management solutions to our customers, but it's also they who assist customers on a daily basis with all their support questions. Thanks guys.

What does a system administrator do?

Short answer: they make sure that web applications, sites and databases run quickly, securely and efficiently, without you even noticing!

Longer answer:
Our system administrators ensure :

  • The availability, resources and security of our servers.
  • Maintenance of our databases and the integrity of the data they contain.
  • Management of network infrastructure such as switches, firewalls and routers.
  • Setting up web hosting, e-mail addresses and domain names.
  • Configuration of SSL certificates
  • Setting up continuous integration workflows with your development team (DevOps!)

Kinamo's sysad services

Our sysadmins have extensive experience supporting customers with our standard services such as domain names, SSL certificates as well as advanced hosting solutions for developers, application service providers and contractors.

We go beyond our own infrastructure in Brussels, invariably opting for integration with Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine and hybrid cloud environments.

Since its creation in 2003, Kinamo has had a team of both development and hosting specialists. These specialists work closely together to combine their expertise in creating customized solutions. The result is in-depth DevOps experience: from setting up advanced automation, container services (Docker & Kubernetes) and deployment processes, to building complex application architecture.

Offering a reliable service obviously doesn't come without the necessary investments and ongoing monitoring, surveillance and improvement of our infrastructure. We continuously work to improve our infrastructure for our customers.

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