Microsoft IIS 7 - Generate SSL certificate request (CSR)

Last updated on 28 Sep 2023, 10:23:14.
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CSR IIS 7 Microsoft Windows server 2008

Generate a CSR for Microsoft IIS 7 web server

This article shows you how to generate an SSL certificate request, also called a CSR, using the Management Console on Windows 2008 Server. If you received your certificate from the CA already, proceed to the IIS 7 SSL Certificate Installation Instructions.

How do I create an SSL certificate request on Microsoft IIS 7?

  1. Open the IIS console by clicking Start, then opening Administrative Tools, then Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Click on your server's name in the left pane.
  3. In the center pane, double-click Server Certificates in the IIS section.

  4. In the Actions menu in the right pane, click on Create Certificate Request... to open the Certificate Request Wizard.

  5. Enter the following information in Distinguished Name Properties form that appears next:

    • Common Name - The fully qualified domain-name by which your site will be accessed, e.g. www.example .com. For a wildcard certificate request, use *
    • Organisation - The legal name under which your company was registered or incorporated.
    • Organisational Unit - The name of your department, or leave this field blank if you wish.
    • City/locality - Your organisation's city.
    • State/province - Your organisation's state or province. Do not use abbreviations!
    • Country/region - The two-digit country code of your organization's country.
  6. In the Cryptographic Service Provider Properties form, enter the following information:

    • Cryptographic Service Provider - Select Microsoft RSA Schannel Cryptographic Provider.
    • Bit length - Select at least 2048 bits.
  7. In theFile Name dialog, select where you want to save the CSR file. Next, look for the CSR you just saved with Windows Explorer, double-click it to open it, and copy the entire contents, including the BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST and END CERTIFICATE REQUEST lines, into Kinamo's SSL Certificate Application form.

  8. After you receive your SSL certificate from the Certificate Authority, you can proceed with installation.

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