Is the Kinamo network redundant?

Last updated on 28 Sep 2023, 10:32:01.

Our network is built up with the highest level of redundancy, speed and connectivity in mind.

No single point of failure

Each link in the Kinamo network is dedoubled so single hops can not be responsible for a network failure (there are no SPOF or Single Points Of Failure) or the unreachability of your server.

  • We have multiple connections to the Internet through seperate uplink providers.
  • The connections on our network pass through two individual and redundant BGP routers.
  • The routers are linked to redundant aggregated gigabit switches.
  • The gigabit switches are connected to redundant firewalls.
  • The firewalls are linked to gigabit switches, all redundant installed of course.
  • Each hardware server is connected to two seperate gigabit switches and has two power supplies.
  • Each rack has seperate power circuits (A and B feed), each server power supply is connected to one feed.
  • If a device has only one power supply (switches for example) it is connected to a STS switch that is connected to both power feeds.

Where can I check the redundancy of the Kinamo network?

The Robtex site allows you to consult information about all Internet Service Provider who have their own AS number. Click the following link to view AS44806, Kinamo's AS number. As you can see, Kinamo operates its own independent network with redundant internet connections to different IP transit providers.

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