I get a notification that my mailbox is over its capacity, what should I do?

Last updated on 26 Feb 2024, 11:54:11.
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My mailbox is over quota, now what?

To clean up a mailbox, you can start by archiving or deleting old and unnecessary emails. Use search filters to sort emails by date, sender or subject and delete or archive what is no longer relevant.

Archiving emails involves removing them from your main inbox or mailbox without permanently deleting them. These archived emails are kept in a separate folder or archive within your email account, where you can view or retrieve them later if needed.
The exact method for archiving e-mails may vary depending on the e-mail program you use, but generally you can archive e-mails by selecting them and then choosing the "Archive" or "Move to Archive" option from the menu or via a hotkey.
Often there is also a "local" archive folder where you can drag the emails to.
Archive helps organize and clean up your inbox while still allowing you to access important messages for future reference.

Please note that when you delete messages, they come into the "Deleted Items": that is, they have not been deleted from the mailbox and still count when calculating the number of items in your mailbox. Therefore, empty the "Deleted Items" map as well to make sure your mailbox size is calculated correctly!

Tracking large files and attachments

If you often send or receive emails with attachments it may help to look for them to free up space. Here are some steps you can follow depending on your email program:

  • Sort by file size: Some email providers offer the option to sort your emails by file size. Use this feature to see the largest files at the top and determine which ones to delete or archive.
  • Specific to Outlook: track down large attachments via "File > Tools > Mailbox cleanup".
  • Using external storage: If you want to keep important attachments but save space in your mailbox, consider moving large files to an external storage service such as Kinamo Nexcloud hosting and then removing the attachments from the emails.

Purchasing a larger mailbox?

A larger mailbox remains attractive - even after clearing out the inbox - because it provides space for growing digital communication needs and flexibility for future changes, resulting in a stress-free and efficient communication experience!

You can easily request this through the Kinamo support department!

Did you know that a hosting already includes mailbox space?

Do you also want your own website or do you already have one? Then you can choose the Kinamo shared hosting that already includes standard mailbox space.
Find out in the overview how much space each package offers. You can divide the available space over as many e-mail addresses as you want!

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