How to link your domain name with the Kinamo shared hosting platform

Last updated on 06 Sep 2023, 13:20:14.

DNS domain names PHP shared hosting

If you use an external domain name provider (DNS services) you may link your domain name to the Kinamo shared hosting platform servers by using the settings below.

Attention, this is for the shared Linux platform.
The web cluster uses load balancers and gives you the advantage that picking a PHP version is as simple as choosing the correct DNS settings.

Linking your domain name with the Kinamo shared hosting platform can be done on both IPv4 and IPv6!

PHP 5.6.6

A record
AAAA record 2a00:1140:0200:0000::21
CNAME record

PHP 5.5

A record
AAAA record 2a00:1140:0200:0000::20
CNAME record

PHP 5.4.4

A record
AAAA record 2a00:1140:0200:0000::19
CNAME record

PHP 5.3.3

A record
AAAA record 2a00:1140:0200:0000::12
CNAME record

PHP 5.2.10

A record
AAAA record 2a00:1140:0200:0000::10
CNAME record

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