How can I publish my website via FTP?

Last updated on 28 Sep 2023, 10:31:59.
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If you use shared web hosting at Kinamo, either Linux hosting or Windows hosting, you can use an FTP program to put your website on the Internet.

A popular, user-friendly and free FTP program is FileZilla, available for both Mac and Windows. You can download it on the FileZilla website.

  1. Once installed, go to the File menu, Site Manager.
  2. Then choose New Site and you can enter a name, preferably
  3. If you have entered a name, enter the name of the server at Host, which can be found on the My Kinamo website.
  4. With Port you always give 21.
  5. Choose 'Normal' as Logon Type.
  6. Enter the username you received from us in the User field.
  7. In the Password field you can enter the password you received from us.
  8. When you're done, click Connect.
FileZilla will now connect to the FTP server at Kinamo. After connection you will see a series of commands go by at the top, this is the Log window. If you see green Response messages and Status: Directory listing successful then you have a correct connection to our server.

In the right pane you will see Remote site. There is a folder that corresponds to the name of your hosting. You can place your files in the /www subfolder. You can use the /etc and /data folders that you see for files that you do not want to make directly accessible to web users, but that are used by your website.

Placing files online is done by dragging them from the left window (your local folders) to the www folder in the right window (our server).

If everything went correctly, you can now surf to your website via the web browser and admire your website.
Attention: if you still see the Kinamo welcome page after uploading your website, remove the index.php you see on the web server. The .php extension of our standard page takes precedence over the .html extension.

If you encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact our support department.

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