Can I change the firewall configuration of my server by myself?

Last updated on 28 Sep 2023, 10:32:25.
Category: Managed servers

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Kinamo only uses hardware firewall units. Each dedicated server and server in co-location in our network is protected by two redundant firewalls.

By default we open the most frequently used ports, for example HTTP, HTTPS and FTP traffic. The ports that are applicable for remote management and maintenance of your server such as SSH, VNC and Remote Desktop are only available through a VPN connection. This is an additional security measure for your server.

If you require additional incoming and outgoing ports on our firewall for your server, it is sufficient to contact our support desk.
Our employees will be happy to help you with establishing the correct firewall configuration based on your demands.
You can not alter the configuration yourself. Customers who prefer a dedicatd firewall setup may get access to their firewall on request.

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