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What is the difference between a dedicated server hosting and server housing (colocation)?

Last updated: 14/01/2016

Companies that prefer a dedicated server hosting rent a server configuration at Kinamo. Your dedicated server will be installed and comes by default with soft- and hardware support, 24/7 omnitoring and a predetermined amount of network bandwidth permonth.

If you prefer the server housing or server co-location formula, you will have to provide your own hardware and installation of server software. You will have a predetermined amount of network bandwidth per month.

The great advantage of a dedicated server hosting: the management of your server is entirely done by Kinamo. If you would like to focus 100% on your core business and do not have the time to do the daily maintenance of your server, this is the best solution for you.

The advantage of server housing or server co-location is that after buying the server and the hardware investment is payed, you have a lower monthly cost. If you have experience with servers and you already have the hardware, then this is probably your best option.