Is backup included in my cloud storage?

Last updated on 11 Sep 2023, 11:41:56.
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Cloud storage

A cloud storage solution allows a user (or multiple users) to smoothly store files in a cloud environment and share them with others or not. The main goal of the solution is to ensure that your files are accessible to yourself or your users from anywhere: desktops, mobile devices and so on, ensuring smooth operation.

Therefore, the slogan of Kinamo cloud storage is "Access to your data, from anywhere."

Cloud storage is not a backup solution, for that Kinamo offers other and more applied solutions such as Veeam Cloud Connect, which is entirely aimed at securing your data by backing it up and compressing it in a specifically provided file repository.

Doesn't my cloud storage have a backup then?

Your cloud storage solution does have a backup. Internally, the cloud storage has a so-called "recycle bin" where deleted files end up. This recycle basket is automatically emptied after X number of days (configurable).

In addition to the recycle basket, the cloud storage also has version control. Specifically, this means that internally the Kinamo cloud storage will keep a "previous version" of your files. Attention, these are also managed automatically so that different versions do not unnecessarily take up file space.

Third, the cloud storage has a standard backup, internal to Kinamo. This backup ensures that in case of problems, a previous installation of your cloud storage can be restored. However, it is only used for disaster recovery in case of emergency and cannot be used to restore accidentally deleted files, as the internal recycle bin is used for that purpose.

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