How do I connect multiple domain names to one Web site?

Last updated on 07 Sep 2023, 15:06:05.
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When managing a Web site, there may be times when you consider linking multiple domain names to the same Web site. Not only is this possible, but it is also a strategy that is often used to enhance online presence. In this article, we'll take a closer look at why and how you can connect multiple domain names to a single Web site and what benefits this brings.

Why multiple domain names?

Linking multiple domain names to a single Web site offers several advantages. You can appeal to a wider audience, using different domain names can be relevant to specific keywords, target audiences or regions.... This results in attracting more potential visitors.

Better accessibility

Imagine your company has both a .com and a .net domain. By linking both domain names to the same website, visitors can reach your site regardless of which domain extension they enter. This creates a seamless and user-friendly experience for your visitors.

Improved search engine optimization (SEO)

Using specific domain names relevant to your industry or target audience can help improve search engine optimization. Search engines consider domain names as a factor in determining the relevance of a website. This allows you to achieve better visibility in search results. For example, you can reach more Belgian users with a .be domain.

How to link a domain name

The process of linking multiple domain names to a single Web site is partly managed through the DNS settings. Here you can set up domain redirects, which means that all domain names entered lead to the same Web site. This means that no matter what domain name visitors enter, they will be redirected to the same site.

In addition, the domain names must also be captured on the Web site hosting. After all, you can make a domain name point to a server by entering a DNS setting, but if that server itself does not know what to do with the request (request) on that domain name, the visitor will not see the desired site/page.


Connecting multiple domain names to the same website is a smart strategy to increase your online presence and simplify navigation for visitors. You will appeal to a wider audience and improve the SEO of the website.

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