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About TEDxFlanders

Some time ago, TEDxFlanders contacted us to see if we could help them develop a new website and assist them with online communication on social media.

TEDxFlanders is an independently organized TED event. Initially started as the first TEDx event in Belgium in 2009, since its inception TEDxFlanders has stood for "sharing ideas worth spreading."

On April 3, 2019, TEDxFlanders will host the most important event of the year under the theme NOW.

"NOW" is a call to understand the present in all its complexity.
For TEDxFlanders, the "NOW" theme is extra relevant as it is an opportunity to make a reflection of the world we live in today. We look back at our past, our history and where we came from. Then we look to the future and where we want to go. Either way, it takes courage to be in the here and "Now"!

The "NOW" event will take you on a journey with eight extraordinary speakers and two amazing acts from Belgium and around the world. TEDxFlanders' speakers are ready to inspire you with their stories.

Ted X 01
Ted X 02

The assignment

Besides the announcement of their main event 'Now', they are also celebrating a unique milestone: the 10th anniversary of TEDxFlanders.

We are proud to share the website that was created in close collaboration between TEDxFlanders and Kinamo.

The main goal of the website is to announce future events and become a hub for spreading the TEDxFlanders Ideas.

The graphic elements on the website were inspired by the "heart of the X" shape or the beating heart of TEDxFlanders, where people and ideas come together and where the TEDx spark is most tangible.

Ted X small 01
Ted X small 02
Ted X small 03
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