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Product conversation starter thanks to an interactive application

Simcenter Amesim is a system simulation platform that allows design engineers to virtually assess and optimize the performance of systems virtually to assess and optimize performance. It helps to optimize the dynamic performance of mechatronic systems, analyzing power consumption, design and validate control laws for electrical devices for the automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery and heavy equipment industries.

Siemens Digital Industries called on Kinamo to develop a mixed reality application with the aim of using interactive elements to give visitors more details around the capabilities of Simcenter Amesim as the solution of choice for creating digital twins.

The Siemens booth at Hannover Messe 2023 featured the real Ecurie Aix Electric race car. When visitors looked at the race car through the Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 headset, a 3D CAD model of the car was displayed above the real car.
In the application, one could discover more information about the definition of battery requirements, battery cooling, battery charging requirements, thermal runaway and battery aging and degradation.

Siem mixedreality 01
Siem mixedreality 02

Augmented reality as a guide

For each topic within the application (battery components, thermal runaway...), the idea is for the user to drag an icon to a specific location above the 3D model of the race car to unlock the additional level of information in the application.
Upon correctly activating a topic, one can first inspect, hold and rotate the relevant CAD models in mixed reality. Linked to each object, we showed visitors how the Siemens Amesim software is the solution they need to create a "digital twin" to perform simulations and optimizations on.

Kinamo came up with the concept and developed the application in just a few weeks.
We used the MRTK toolkit - originally developed for the Microsoft Hololens - and converted it into an application that can run on the Meta (Oculus) Quest 2. Through a combination of custom programming and use of passthrough functionality, we were able to create a link between the race car physically present at the booth and a virtual model was placed on top of what visitors see in real time: Augmented Reality.

The choice of the Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 as the platform for this application ensures that we were able to develop a marketing tool that is easily deployable, without high running costs (compared to other AR/VR headsets) and can be smoothly used by other marketing teams within Siemens Digital Software.

Siem mixedreality small 01
Siem mixedreality small 02
Siem mixedreality small 03
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