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Advocacy for logistics and maritime companies in the Port of Antwerp

Alfaport Voka represents the joint interests of logistics and maritime companies in the Port of Antwerp. The organization is part of Voka, the Flemish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a network organization that aims to support and promote Flemish companies.

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The briefing

Alfaport Voka asked Kinamo to create a website where companies and stakeholders can find information about Alfaport Voka, their 'port themes' to which they are dedicated , their networking event and important port-related news.

Wordpress and Elementor

Before the launch of the website, the information about Alfaport Voka and their activities, were part of the overall Voka website. Partly because of this structure, the content of the organization didn't reach their audience well enough.
For the new website, a thorough analysis was made of the already available content and a new structure and layout was made so that visitors could find information more easily.

A conscious choice was made to immediately provide an overview of the latest Alfaport Voka news on the homepage. This ties in closely with the organization's core mission of keeping their members informed.

In the news articles and throughout the website there are forms that allow visitors to easily register for events. Other forms give visitors access to additional information such as slides from workshops or working documents such as the Inbound Release Platform Implementation Guide.

The choice was made to build the website with the content management system Wordpress. To make the website easy to manage for Alfaport Voka, we also added Elementor. Thanks to the rich library of elements in this website builder, employees of Alfaport Voka can easily make adjustments to the website themselves. Adding interactive buttons, forms, images and other elements is very easy thanks to the drag and drop functionality.

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More than just a website

The cooperation between Kinamo and Alfaport Voka is not limited to the development and maintenance of their website. In addition to being a developer, Kinamo also offers marketing consultancy services. In recent years, for example, we have assisted Alfaport Voka in choosing and implementing an event management tool, deciding on a CRM solution that closely matches Alfaport's needs, and guiding and setting up an email marketing tool.

  • Saskia
    Saskia Bultiauw Community Manager, Alfaport Voka

    In Kinamo, we found a partner who thinks with us and dares to approach our questions critically in a no-nonsense way and then translated them into a beautiful result. The creation process, the consultancy and Kinamo's flexibility mean we have found in them a partner that inspires confidence. Meanwhile, Kinamo has become a trusted party for us, also guiding us in other projects related to our website.

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