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Founded in South Africa, Thawte quickly became the leading certificate authority outside the United States, and the first to sell SSL certificates internationally. Thawte was acquired by Verisign in 2000, and has remained a key member of the Symantec family ever since. In 2004, Thawte was the first authority to support Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), allowing people over the world to surf the web securely in their own language.


  • Cosmopolitic outlook
  • Site Seal avavailable in 18 languages
  • Established certificate authority

Thawte has an uniquely international outlook, and not even the acquisition by an American corporation could change this. Thawte has an established reputation in Asia, and could be youe certificate authority of choice if you're reaching for a global audience.

The differences

  • Secures both www and non-www
  • Unlimited server licences
  • Restricted product offer

's opinion

Ever since Thawte decided to follow its competitors' leads in offering unlimited server licences and free www / non-www on a single certificate, it has once again become a viable option for mid-range SSL, and an alternative of better repute for Comodo and GeoTrust.

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Certificates by Thawte


Thawte's SSL123 certificate is an entry-level certificate from a recognized certificate authority, issued after summary validation of you domain. It allows you to secure your website at an affordable price.

Domain validation
Single Domain
Warranty 500.000 $

Thawte SSL123

SSL Web Server

Thawte's Web Server SSL certificate validates your organisation to your visitors. It's an affordable mid-level certificate from a well-known certificate authority.

Organisation validation
Single Domain (SAN)
Warranty 1.250.000 $

Thawte SSL Web Server

SGC SSL Supercert

Thawte's SGC Supercert SSL certificate validates your organisation, and offers a minimal encryption of 128 bits to every visitor, even those using legacy browsers.

Organisation validation
Single Domain (SAN)
Warranty 1.250.000 $

Thawte SGC SSL Supercert

SSL Web Server EV

The Thawte Web Server EV SSL certificate offers extended validation, and allows you to display the green address bar and your organisation's name to your visitors.

Extended validation
Single Domain (SAN)
Warranty 1.500.000 $

Thawte SSL Web Server EV