Cloud Servers

The Kinamo Cloud Server hosting is superior to a classic virtual server solution and offers many advantages compared to a dedicated server environment.
Kinamo Cloud servers offer a cloud hosting solution known as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). You take full usage of our cloud hosting infrastructure, carefully built with redundantly installed server hardware and storage hardware. You are no longer bound to the classic "one server, one hardware machine" hazard and can enjoy flexibility, scalability and reliability within reach of your budget!

Kinamo Cloud server hosting is the perfect solution for short term peak server hosting (marketing goals, facebook actions), load balancing (web farms) or even Mosix high-computing clusters with plug and play nodes.

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Public Cloud or Private Cloud?

The Kinamo Cloud uses VMware. Thanks to the VMware technology and the specific set up hardware platform we ensure a scalable performing platform within our public cloud infrastructure, where services such as high availability offer a maximal uptime for your servers.
In combination with our service level agreement (SLA) we deliver a perfect platform for the hosting of your critical applications.

For even more independancy you may want to choose a private cloud hosting solution: in that case we create a complete cloud hosting solution together with you, tailor made to your demands.

Performance at your fingertips

In contradiction with a dedicated server, where you are bound to hardware capacities, you have the ability with a cloud server on the Kinamo Cloud hosting platform, to ask for extra computing power or memory when you need it most.

Thanks to this, you may extend the CPU performance and memory during a critical phase in your project (for example with peaks of high visitor loads) without having to buy unnecessary hardware.
You pay only for the resources you used in that specific period, in other words, you have full control over your costs.

Guaranteed High Availability

VMware High Availability is available as standard for each cloud server on the Kinamo Cloud platform.
If our server cluster would encounter a hardware problem, VMware will ensure your cloud server is immediately available through a different server node. In the meantime, Kinamo can replace the faulty hardware without you even knowing.
For even more guarantee you may opt for Fault Tolerance.
Your server will not be restarted on a separate node, but a "permanent copy" will run in sync, which can take over seemlessly.


Snapshots, backup and restores

By default, we take snapshots of your cloud servers. These - besides the necessary guarantees for backup and restore - also give you the ability to fall back to a working version in case a special upgrade procedure fails.

The base layer for scalable hosting

Cloud based hosting is the perfect foundation for scalable hosting in its purest form: solutions with load balancers with our without SSL offloading, extensive web caching, static content serving...

Kinamo Cloud building blocks

You can use our building blocks as separate components for creating your applications. Examples are our static content Lighttpd webservers, HAProxy load balancers, ...
These components are at your disposal and can be included in your hosting solution.

Interested in migrating to the Kinamo Cloud, or in setting up your own private cloud?
Contact our specialists today for a tailored analysis and offer!

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