Server racks

Kinamo helps you with the setup of your entire server rack infrastructure, from one single rack (11U, 22U of 46U) with power where you use the Kinamo network (routing and firewall infrastructure), to setting up a complete autonomous environment with your own routing, firewall setup, redundant network and more.

As independant consultant, Kinamo helps you find the ideal datacenter partner on Belgian soil - based on your needs - for connectivity, reliability and availability.

Autonomous management

Kinamo customers with their own private rack have 24/7 access to the server rack, secured with a unique access code.
You manage your server infrastructure in all flexibility in a professional environment.

You manage your server infrastructure in all flexibility in a professional environment and at your side specialists that can aid you in the specific configuration of your network.

Modern server racks

The possiblities are endless: you may choose a full server rack (capacity 46U), a 1/2 rack (22U) or a 1/4 rack (11U). These modern server racks are at least 1000 mm deep and 800 mm wide so you have enough space for your cabling or large servers.

Each rack is delivered with enough current through two separate power circuits (A + B feed) for all kinds of hardware, from blade chassis to high computing clusters.
The server racks have electronic locks with PIN code and independant temprature sensors.

Flexible connectivity

Quality, connectivity and reliability are at high stake at Kinamo. This quality control is extended to our housing services.

The server racks are - at your demand - available with a dual 100 Mbit Fast Ethernet over copper, Gigabit Ethernet over 1000Base-T copper or 1000Base-SX multimode fiber connections.

Interxion and Mobistar datacenter are true Internet exchanges. You have full control over the parties you want to peer with over BGP.


  • 11U
  • 3A (497 kWh)
  • 2x 1 Gbps uplinks
  • 5 Mbps bandwidth

Starting at 339 ,00 /month

  • 22U
  • 8A (1325 kWh)
  • 2x 1 Gbps uplinks
  • 10 Mbps bandwidth

Starting at 975 ,00 /month

  • 46U
  • 12A (1987 kWh)
  • 2x 1 Gbps uplinks
  • 25 Mbps bandwidth

Starting at 1.425 ,00 /month

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  • 2x Gigabit (1000 Mbps) uplinks
  • BGP routing included
  • VRRP routing included

Datacenter specifications

  • Redundant power supplies with separate power circuits
  • Up to 96A per rack (Nossegem)
  • Optimal cooling thanks to cold corridor technology
  • Security through badge, PIN code and 24/7 security guard


  • 24/7 Network monitoring
  • Detailed bandwidth graphs
  • Support by e-mail and phone