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A virtual tour of their Leuven facility

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Simcenter Engineering asked us to create a virtual tour of their facility in Leuven, Belgium. The interactive virtual tour allows viewers to explore their spaces at their own pace, leading to increased engagement compared to traditional static images or videos.

Siemens Simcenter is a comprehensive suite of simulation and testing solutions offered by Siemens Digital Industries Software. It encompasses various software tools and technologies aimed at aiding engineers and designers in simulating, validating, and optimizing the performance of their products across different industries.

Simcenter provides capabilities for various simulation tasks, including structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), thermal analysis, electromagnetics simulation, multibody dynamics, and more. It also includes tools for system simulation and optimization, as well as for integrating simulation with physical testing.

The briefing

In this performance engineering facility in Leuven, they have successfully delivered hundreds of engineering projects dedicated to helping customers solve their product development challenges.

Simcenter Engineering is a team of technical experts collaborating closely with their customers to develop integrated, customized solutions to meet their toughest engineering challenges.

The main objective of this virtual tour is to be able to always highlight the facility’s capabilities without needing to travel. The Leuven office has a lot of visitors every year. But sometimes visiting the actual facility is not possible because of ongoing projects. That is where the virtual tour offers a solution.

Siemens tour 01
Siemens tour 02

From plan to online platform

The rooms and people where only available for a limited amount of time due to ongoing projects. That is why we developed a detailed plan for the virtual tour, including the selection of rooms and the solutions we would showcase in the 360-degree photos.

Our team captured the high-quality images using specialized equipment. After the shoot we have enhanced the images to ensure optimal clarity, colour accuracy, and visual appeal.

We also developed the online interactive virtual tour platform so that viewers can navigate through the 360-degree images as if they would walk through the building. We integrated features such as hotspots, informational overlays, and multimedia elements to enrich the user experience with more information about the Simcenter Engineering services and capabilities.

The virtual tour is built using Craft CMS so that we can easily create new content points and facilitate a multilanguage experience. The tour is currently available in Korean, Chinese, Japanese and English.

The tour is available as a standard virtual tour and a VR virtual tour. In the standard virtual tour visitors can look around by swiping around in each room. We also made an even more immersive VR tour that can be visited using the Google Cardboard or with a VR goggle such as a Meta Quest.

Both tours are accessible via a browser, so no need for downloading apps to use it. To ensure this web-based asset runs smoothly we added a custom solution for caching and a powerful setup for fast content serving worldwide.

Siemens small 01
Siemens small 02
Siemens small 03

The result

Our client has reported that the tour has surpassed the expectations they had in terms of the number of contacts they would get from it. They say that the virtual tour provides a visually engaging way to showcase their solutions to their target audience.

Siemens Simcenter Engineering
Siemens Simcenter engineering clickpoint
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