Network and Infrastructure


The Kinamo datacenter infrastructure is placed in several datacenters (Interxion, Mobistar) in Brussels, Belgium. Kinamo has an entirely dedoubled fiber network and uses high-end Juniper routing equipment and Cisco switch technology.

The modern infrastructure of the data centers are equipped with dual power feeds (A + B circuits) and use UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies), battery backup rooms and diesel generators. The entire electricity infrastructure is tested on a recurring base.

All server, routing and network equipment of Kinamo uses redundant power supplies and are connected to each power feed so even internally on the Kinamo network, a guaranteed power feed is present.

IP connectivity

We have our own AS (Autonomous System) number and are registered RIPE (Réseaux IP Européens) member. Our network is entirely redundant and uses a dual high-end Juniper router setup. Naturally, the Kinamo network is redundant and uses a dual high-end Juniper routing setup. The Kinamo network is IPv6 ready and is also widely used as a mirror for several open source repositories.

By all means, our network is built with great care. This means a fast, performing and guaranteed connection to the Internet is always available. The secured professional infrastructure gives the necessary guarantees for the future.

Internal Kinamo traffic is entirely free and unlimited (the out of band network). Public connections - to the Internet - use gigabit connections and have no physical limits both on our dedicated server, cloud server and virtual server infrastructure. Only the consumed bandwidth is taken into account.


The Kinamo routing equipment is connected to seperate network operators by using redundant uplinks. The Juniper routing equipment determines the best path towards the Internet by using BGP and ensure the perfect connectivity at all times. Both routers are connected to several Cisco enterprise layer 3 gigabit switching setup - the Kinamo backbone - by using optical cabling. From there connectivity is taken to the distribution network and the access layes, where the Kinamo customers are located.

The access network takes care of the gigabit connections for Kinamo rack housing customers. Every Kinamo customer receives two uplinks within an own secured VLAN (Virtual LAN) so the assigned IP address range can be defined as a standalone network without being influenced by other configurations and other Kinamo customers.

Through VRRP ( Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol ), Kinamo offers two redundant uplinks with one IP address. VRRP ensures the connectivity is guaranteed by picking the correct uplink.

The secured VLAN and usage of VRRP guarantee an extra connectivity and security level on top of the already redundant network.

Network Security

The Kinamo server customers are connected to the access layer in the Kinamo network.

A Cisco ASA based firewall setup in a redundant active/standby mode ensures a permanent firewall protection and secure VPN access to the Kinamo distribution network. The stand-by unit automatically takes over in case the active unit goes offline for some reason. The firewall takes care of intrusion detection, network attacks and active protection of servers.

The Cisco access switches - redundantly connected to the ASA firewalls - take care of the connections for our server customers. Each customer receives two ethernet connections. By using link aggregation ( NIC bonding ), Kinamo guarantees a redundant connection at the physical network interface of the server.

Whenever the Kinamo network is managed or extended, Cisco and Juniper equipment is chosen: quality and reliability are two important pillars for our infrastructure.

This way we guarantee you a redundant, flexibel and performing connectivity experience!