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Who is Kinamo?

Kinamo is born from Firstserved NV, founded in 2003. Firstserved is a solid company, active in the Internet hosting landscape in Belgium, since 2003. In addition to classic hosting services such as domain name registrations, SSL certificates, shared webhosting and server hosting we have specialized in extensive integrated hosting solutions througout the years.

Our main office is located in Antwerp; The Kinamo network and all related infrastructure is placed in our datacenters in Brussels.

Why Kinamo?

In 2013 we decided to launch a new brand: Kinamo, which stands for "flexibility". This flexibility translates into our vision to always strive for the best possible tailor-made solution and our flexibility at the level of our support.

Kinamo is made of a dynamic team of system administrators and developers, each with their own extended specialities.

You will always be in contact with an employee who has thorough knowledge of the matter you require assistance for. Customer support is at a high level at Kinamo: "Thank you for the quick intervention" is a frequently returning quote from our customers.

For 15 years, self-employed, medium-sized and large companies have been using our services.

Kinamo in a nutshell

  • 2003: Creation of Firstserved NV.
  • 2012: Redistribution and de-duplication of our infrastructure to different data centers.
  • 2013: Change of the trade name to Kinamo and move to our new office in the Hessenstraatje in Antwerp.
  • 2017: We obtain the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001: 2015 certification. This confirms that Kinamo's internal quality management system meets the high requirements of this international standard.
  • 2018: Kinamo celebrates its 15th birthday.

Kinamo invests in Corporate Social Responsibility

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Full service offer from Kinamo

Apart from our standard services such as domain names, SSL certificates and hosting, Kinamo also provides a full service coverage. This approach consists of three major pillars.

Cloud hosting

We are mainly known for our advanced hosting solutions for developers, application service providers and entrepreneurs. In doing so we look beyond our own infrastructure in Brussels with integrations of Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine and setting up hybrid cloud environments.

Development services

Kinamo also has a trackrecord with development ranging from business critical applications to (e-commerce) websites and digital asset management systems. Based on our 15 years of experience in design, architecture and development we can provide an "all-in" approach.
In function of your project requirements we can create tailor made solutions with own written code, or development built upon well established platforms such as Wordpress and Craft.


Since the conception of the company in 2003, Kinamo has a team of development and hosting specialists. These specialists work together in one team allowing them to combine their knowledge. This has resulted in a large expertise with the application of DevOps: ranging from setting up automated services, container services (Docker & Kubernetes), deployment processes and complex application architectures.