VMware Cloud Servers

When you think about server virtualisation, the name VMware is no stranger.
VMware is a leader in the x86 server virtualisation segment according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant and according to us can be named the “industry standard” when it comes to managing and provisioning high end cloud environments.

Thanks to an astonishing integration of both hard- and software VMware offers an unmatched stability basis for both public and provate cloud solutions.

Kinamo offers you cloud servers based on a Kinamo VMware vCloud™ infrastructure or offers consulting in setting up your own private cloud solution based on VMware technology.

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Cost-effective infrastructure management

A clear, well-defined monthly cost in terms of resources, infrastructure and licensing.
Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution guarantees immediate efficiency by outsourcing the management of your VMware cloud environment.

High availability and uptime guarantees

VMware cloud servers are powered by a VMware vSphere environment. Thanks to High Availability (HA) and Fault Tolerance (FT) the platforms offers in-depth uptime guarantees for your cloud server.
Additionally, the vMotion™ technology allows maximum flexibility when it comes to live migration of production servers to other hypervisors and datastores, without interruption.
Kinamo takes care of the installation, configuration, management and monitoring of your cloud servers.

Expert assistance

A Kinamo cloud servers offers you the most profit of your investment . Our VMware experts provide excellent guidance and work as a team with your internal staff to help tackle every problem.
Add to that the proven Kinamo support and excellent SLA guarantees and you know you have picked the right partner!

Managed cloud

A VMware cloud server solution (public cloud or private cloud) by Kinamo will always be offered as managed cloud hosting. Kinamo takes care of the daily operational tasks of your cloud server or infrastructure.

Transparant licensing

Another advantage: we offer a transparant and clear licensing policy for Microsoft, Veeam and VMware solutions.
Kinamo helps you in choosing the right licensing approach and helps you maintain control over your TCO.

Guaranteed resources

Cloud servers on the Kinamo VMware vCloud ™ platform always come with guaranteed resources. Be reassured, resources configured for your cloud server are 100% devoted to your configuration. This gives you the necessary insurance on several levels: stability, performance and security.

Integrated backup solution

Thanks to the optional integration of Veeam Backup & Replication you can use a thoughtful and stable backup solution for your virtual servers.

Optimized workload distribution

Kinamo guides you in splitting up your applications to separate cloud machines with balanced memory / cpu and disk configurations.

Your IT cost structure under control thanks to a managed VMware cloud solution?


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