Kinamo Cloud Servers

Server virtualisation offers an endless range of possibilities to build an infrastructure that scales with your business.

Building, maintaining and securing your own infrastructure will require an investment in time, experience and hardware.
Accelerate the building of your cloud platform and rely on Kinamo.

The personal approach, experience and out-of-the-box thinking come with the package!

Managed hosting

Kinamo sets focus on offering managed cloud hosting. Your cloud service may rely on extended monitoring, reliable backups and support by our devoted team.

Flexible and scalable

Cloud hosting is extremely suited for heavy load websites, e-commerce applications based on for example the Magento framework, websites with content management systems like Drupal, Wordpress, but also for other enterprise critical applications (ERP, Remote Desktop, VDI).
The server can be scaled up in steps, or temporarily, so you may anticipate on heavy visitor load traffic.

Simple... or complex

Simply rent a cloud server, or set up a complex infrastructure with load-balancing and disaster recovery... It is all possible!
For sites with large visitor amounts you may set up load balancers in conjunction with redundant servers.
Kinamo has a broad experience with installation of linked instances, webclusters and performing database servers.

Always available

Additional advantages of cloud hosting are the high uptime guarantee. Thanks to underlying server technology the availability of your server is ensured.
Looking for even more security? Upgrade to a full fallback scenario with DRO to a different datacenter or public cloud services such as Amazon Webservices (AWS) and Google Compute Engine (GCE).

Linux and Windows platform

For enterprise oriented applications that use Microsoft SQL Server, Remote Desktop and other services you can rely on Windows Server instances.
For traditional LAMP stacks, NGinx or more advanced Docker, Node.js and MongoDB or other high-tech services you may use Linux servers.

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Public Cloud Servers

Public Cloud

A cloud server with root access and complete control. These virtuals ervers are online within minutes and are aimed towards customers choosing to manage their own cloud server or wish to built up their own cloud infrastructure, without limits.

Private Cloud Servers

Private Cloud

A private cloud hosting is the perfect balance between full autonomy, security and guaranteed resources. The Kinamo cloud architects help you in sketching out your hardware infrastructure where you can build your own cluster, for example, based on the VMware vCloud™ platform for critical enterprise-grade applications.

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Managed Cloud Servers

Managed Cloud

Our managed cloud server solutions are aimed to clients that wish to outsource the daily management of the cloud server to Kinamo. These cloud servers are fully managed, have strict service level agreements and maximal uptime guarantees. Discover our managed cloud servers based on the VMware vCloud™ platform.

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