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Why are some SSL certificates not available through Kinamo?

Last updated: 13/01/2016

This article explains you why some SSL certificates haven't been selected for Kinamo's standard certificate offering.

We did our homework when selecting the mix of SSL certificates to present to our customers, trying to cover all bases in all price ranges. Some didn't make the grade because they're of limited usefulness, or because other certificates of the same price provided better bang for buck. Listing all available certificates would only lead our customers astray, and defeat our purpose of leading them to the product that fits them most snugly.

Should you wish to buy one of the certificates listed below, do not hesitate to contact Kinamo for pricing details.

Thawte is one of the few Certificate Authorities not to offer unlimited server licenses on its certificates, while in our own humble opinion, one of the greatest cost benefits of a wildcard SSL certificate is that you can use it on multiple servers throughout your network. We recommend you purchase one of the following wildcard certificates that can be used on as many servers as you like: GeoTrust TrueBusinessID Wildcard - also emitted by the Symantec Group, GlobalSign OrganizationSSL Wildcard or DomainSSL Wildcard, or Comodo InstantSSL Premium Wildcard.

Symantec is the other Certificate Authority that doesn't allow its certificates to be used on more than one server. As a result, Symantec Secure Site Wildcard has the dubious honour of not only being the most expensive Wilcard SSL certificate, but also the least useful one. We cannot but recommend that you take a look at one of the alternatives mentioned above. GlobalSign OrganizationSSL Wildcard is a product of comparable quality, with the added benefit of a greater market penetration and recognition factor in Europe.

In its bid for leadership, Comodo saw fit to release a multitude of certificates with hardly a difference among them. Mainly, it has become impossible for non-initiates to distinguish the value of their different offerings. We chose not to present the following products to our customers:

Comodo Elite SSL is a carbon copy of Comodo Instant SSL Premium, with the addition of a 500.000$ warranty instead of the original 250.000$. If your budget allows you some latitude, why not have a look at Certificate Authorities with a more upmarket branding than stare oneself blind on a 500.000$ warranty, which is more of a marketing gimmick than anything else. The same budget will net you GeoTrust TrueBusinessID, GlobalSign OrganizationSSL and Thawte Webserver, who as an aside all have 1.250.000$ warranties.

The same goes for Comodo's Gold SSL: the 750.000$ does not warrant the higher price, and if you can afford this certificate, you'll find richer pickings at Certificate Authorities with a more robust reputation. The certificates mentioned above are all better alternatives.

This certificate's the third sibling of the Instant SSL Premium, with a warranty of 1.000.000$ this time. We can but congratulate Comodo on having the most expensive Organization Validation certificate you can find, even dwarfing the rather pricy, but oh so well-regarded Verisign Secure Site with its 1.500.000$.

Kinamo is no supporter of Server Gated Cryptography certificates, for reasons detailed in the article  « Why purchase an SGC certificate? ». If nonetheless you fervently wish for an SGC SSL certificate, you'll find your heart's desire with Thawte SGC Supercert, Verisign Secure Site Pro or Comodo EV SSL SGC - the last of which is an Extended Validation certificate, mind you.

Need we say more? This certificate's price tag makes it the worst possible buy of the lot. GlobalSign OrganizationSSL WIldcard not only a lot less expensive, but a product that inspires a lot more trust than the Platinum tag on Comodo's latest dragon.