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What is the difference between virtual private server hosting and VMware cloud hosting?

Last updated: 14/01/2016

Virtual servers in the Virtual Private Server hosting program by Kinamo are always installed on one hardware machine and can not take advantage of important services such as high-availaibility, load balancing, snapshots and more.
These virtual servers also come without a Service Level Agreement (it is an option).

The virtual server is situated between shared hosting solutions and dedicated server hosting solutions.

VMware based cloud server hosting is located above dedicated hosting when it comes to scalability, availability and performance.

Cloud server data is stored on the Kinamo SAN, offering superior performance and reliability. The VMware hypervisors running server instances can migrate a server instance to another hypervisor in case of hardware failure, thus facilitating high-availability of your cloud server.

Your virtual private server can be migrated to Kinamo's VMware-based cloud server hosting platform.

Your virtual server can then be installed into the Kinamo Cloud Computing Platform and enjoy all the benefits of VMware hosting, including Service Level Agreements.