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What is hosting or webhosting?

Last updated: 14/01/2016

People or companies who would like to publish a website on the Internet, will need to place it on a web server. This server needs to be available at all times and must have fast and redundant connections, so your website is always available for the Internet visitors.

Hosting is a broad description for these services. You may choose for shared hosting where your website is published on a server that is also used by others.

You may also choose virtual server hosting or dedicated server hosting. If you choose virtual server hosting, you will rent your own server without the additional cost of the related hardware, since this is shared by other virtual servers.

If you would like to be completely isolated from others you may prefer a dedicated server hosting. In that case you will rent a complete server - so also the hardware - from Kinamo and the machine will be 100% dedicated to your applications.

For a professional presence on the Internet where you may enjoy the benefits of firewall services, strong security, a stable network and excellent availability of your website, you may choose for the services offered by Kinamo.