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What is an SRV record?

Last updated: 14/01/2016

An SRV record is an advanced type of DNS record that allows you to specify certain services your domain offers. Use an SRV record if a certain application or software requires this.

For example you may point out that your domain allows FTP services. This can be done with a simple CNAME record, specifying a subdomain to the FTP server, but by using an SRV record you may specify more information:

  • The service name (e.g. _ftp)
  • The protocol (e.g. _tcp)
  • The port number of this service (e.g. 21)
  • The priority (a number that passes what record must be chosen if multiple SRV records exist)
  • The weight (another number that passes which records must be used more frequently if multiple SRV records are available for the same name and protocol)