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Thunderbird: setup of the Kinamo outgoing server (SMTP)

Last updated: 14/01/2016

We assume you already have a Kinamo e-mail address configured.

You may change the e-mail address through the menu Tools and Account Settings.


In the list, scroll to Outgoing server (SMTP) and click Add.

It is possible there are alreadt servers in this list, but we will add a new one, the Kinamo outgoing SMTP server.

After clicking Add you may enter the outgoing server settings:

Use the following SMTP settings:

Description:   mail-smtp-out.kinamo.be
Server name:   mail-smtp-out.kinamo.be
Port:          2525
Connection security:     STARTTLS
Authentication method:   Password, transmitted insecurely
Username:                Your complete e-mail address!

Click OK to finish.

Next is setting the outgoing mailserver as default, for your Kinamo e-mail address:

In the screen Account Settings click the address you already configured and select in the Outgoing server (SMTP) dropdown the server we just added.

From now on you are sending e-mail through the Kinamo outgoing server with a secure connection!