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Switch from PHP 5.5 hosting to PHP 5.6 hosting

Last updated: 14/01/2016

PHP 5.6 hosting

For a while now, you could use PHP 5.5 on the Kinamo shared hosting platform. From now on you may use PHP 5.6 hosting. Making the switch is very easy: it only asks for a minor DNS change of your domain name records!
Customers using a by Kinamo generated website name (hosting.kinamo.be) will have to request this DNS change if they want the hosting.kinamo.be name to point to the new platform.

New hosting orders will be automatically created for the most recent PHP version on our scalable PHP hosting platform, in this case PHP 5.6.

Through the My Kinamo website you can modify your DNS records in your subscription in the Domain names section. It is sufficient to modify the A record and CNAME record for your domain name to the settings below.

For Kinamo customers who use external DNS servers or whose domain name is not administered by Kinamo: please also use the settings below and change them in the control panel of your provider:

A record
AAAA record      2a00:1140:0200:0000::21
CNAME record     web-php56-lc0.hosting.kinamo.be