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Microsoft Outlook 2013 SMTP

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Microsoft Outlook 2013 settings for Kinamo outgoing (SMTP) server

Last updated: 31/10/2016

Users of Microsoft Outlook 2013 can configure the Kinamo outgoing SMTP server as followed.

Go to the menu File and choose Account Settings.

Make sure, as Outgoing mail server (SMTP) to use our outgoing server:


Next, click on the button More Settings.

On the Outgoing Server tab, enter the following settings:

My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication: checked

Log on using: checked
User Name:    your e-mail address
Password:     the password of your mailbox
Remember password: checked

Next, click the Advanced tab and make sure you have the following settings:

Server Port Number

Outgoing server(SMTP): 465
Use the following type of encrypted connection: SSL

Close all windows by clicking OK.

You are now sending e-mail through the Kinamo outgoing mailserver, with a secure connection.