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Is my e-mail address secured by a anti-virus protection?

Last updated: 14/01/2016

Each Kinamo e-mail address - whether it is part of Business E-mail hosting, shared web hosting or another hosting solution offered by Kinamo - is protected by the excellent Kinamo SecureMail gateway anti-virus filters. All incoming and outgoing communication from and to your e-mail address is subject to a thorough virus and spam check.

If someone tries to send you a virus, the virus will be captured by the anti-virus filter and will be removed. You will receive a message that the original sender tried to send you an infected message.

A similar procedure is followed for e-mail messages that you send. You will receive a message from our gateway that you have tried to send an infected message. Your intended recipient will not be notified, however, so you will be able to clean the virus infection without your correspondents having knowledge of a security breach.

Security-wise the Kinamo SecureMail gateway also blocks e-mails that contain untrusted attachments, such as certain Windows executable files, with an .exe, .bat or .vbs extension, for instance. Since executable files are seldom, if ever, sent as attachments with non-malicious intent, this offers added protection both for you and your correspondents.

In case you need to send or receive such attachments, we advise you to rename the file's extension to an innocuous one, such as .sample. You and your correspondent can then easily rename to the file it's executable extension after downloading it.

Yes, you can. If you do not use a Kinamo address you may still use our excellent anti-virus monitoring by choosing the Kinamo SecureMail gateway services. All mail inbound for your mail servers will first be routed through our SecureMail gateway, scanned for malicious content, and forwarded to its final destination.