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How do I renew the registration of my domain name?

Last updated: 13/01/2016

If you register a domain name, you 'rent' this domain name for a certain period, usually per year. Each year you will have to tell us whether you would like to keep the domain name or you would like to make it available for someone else.
Kinamo automatically renews your domainname registration. You will receive a reminder two months before the day of your domainname expiration with the notification that your domain name is about to expire.

You have two weeks time to let us know whether you would like to cancel this domain name. If you do not cancel the domain name, you will get an invoice for the domain name 6 weeks before the expiration date.

If you do not pay the invoice within the payment term, your domain name will be placed 'on hold'. This means your website and e-mail will no longer work.

Your domain name will be placed in quarantine for 40 days. You may ask us to reactivate the domain name. This will imply an additional activation fee of 50 euro. If you do not wish to reactivate the domain name you will be able to freely register the domain name again after the quarantine period. Your invoice at Kinamo remains to be payed. This procedure is typically applicable for .be domain names, but for other extensions a similar method is followed.