SSL Toolbox

This handy set of tools helps you in the planning and review of your SSL certificate configuration.

For technical information about SSL certificates, installation on various platforms and working with tools such as OpenSSL, you can go directly to the SSL support section of our website.

Generate a CSR

Create your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) with ease by using our handy CSR generate form.

To the Kinamo generate CSR form

Decode a CSR

Analyse and decode a certificate signing request (CSR) using our CSR decode form. This permits you to check the contents of your CSR.

Decode a CSR

SSL certificate and Private Key matcher

Check if your SSL certificate and private key match using our SSL certificate and Private Key matching form.

Verify my SSL certificate and Private Key

Decode an SSL certificate

You have an SSL certificate, but do not know which domain it covers? Use the Kinamo SSL decoding form and view the contents of the SSL certificate you received (PEM, DER or PFX format).

Decode an SSL certificate

Check your HTTPS configuration

With our SSL audit tool you can check whether your installed SSL certificate is correctly set up on your webserver and if the certificate chain is properly configured.

Test my website's SSL certificate