GlobalSign DomainSSL offers strong encryption and allows you to display GlobalSign's seal on your website for increased trust. It is issued within minutes, optionally secures additional subdomains, contains 3 free mail subdomains, and is fully Kinamo Cloud SSL compatible.

GlobalSign DomainSSL

Duration 1 year 2 years
SSL Certificate
Price/year 139.99 124.99 -11 %
Additional subdomain
Price/year € 54.99 € 49.29 -10%

Certificate Summary

’s review of this SSL certificate:

DomainSSL is GlobalSign's least attractive certificate in our eyes. Its entry price is rather high for a domain validation certificate, an though it is possible to add subdomains to the certificate, a few euros more will buy you the OrganizationSSL, with organisation validation, subdomains at the same price, and the possibility to add other, non-related names to the certificate.

Kinamo’s rating:
  • Wildcard
  • Green address bar
  • Organisation details on certificate
  • Non-www domain secured for free

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Warranty is the amount paid out by the certificate authority to a customer, should he take a financial loss due to a wrongly issued certificate. DomainSSL carries a 10.000 $ warranty.

Multi Subdomain

The DomainSSL certificate secures one root domain and additional subdomains of your choice.

Domain validation

GlobalSign checks domain ownership before issuing the certificate. Domain-validated certificates like DomainSSL are usually issued in minutes.

Dynamische Site Seal

A Dynamic Site Seal is a clickable image provided by your Certificate Authority that serves as a visual proof that your website is secure. Site Seals increase visitor trust and drive sales conversions.

Unlimited server licenses

This certificate can be installed on an unlimited number of servers, allowing you to install it on load balancers, or on several independent websites, if you choose a wildcard or SAN certificate.

Kinamo Cloud SSL compatible

Kinamo Cloud SSL allows you to secure your website on the Kinamo Cluster with an SSL certificate without the cost of a dedicated IP address.

Free mail, owa & autodiscover subdomains

Mail, owa and autodiscover subdomains are used by Microsoft Exchange and similar communication software. The DomainSSL certificate allows you to secure both your website and your mailserver for the price of one certificate.


GlobalSign DomainSSL

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