Comodo's EV SGC SSL combines full business validation, including the green bar, with Server Gated Cryptography technology, allowing even older browsers to connect with 128 bit encryption, the whole at an affordable price


Duration 1 year 2 years
Price/year 349.00 299.00 -14 %

Certificate Summary

’s review of this SSL certificate:

If you're looking for both an Extended Validation certificate and Server Gated Cryptography, the field's pretty sparsely populated. It's either Comodo's EV SSL SGC offering, or Symantec's Secure Site Pro with EV, which is in an astronomically different league altogether, both in features and in price. The decision is fairly easy: if EV and SGC matter without going bust, this is the certificate for you.

Kinamo’s rating:
  • Wildcard
  • Organisation details on certificate
  • Kinamo Cloud SSL compatible
  • Free mail, owa & autodiscover subdomains
  • Non-www domain secured for free

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Warranty is the amount paid out by the certificate authority to a customer, should he take a financial loss due to a wrongly issued certificate. EV SSL SGC carries a 1.750.000 $ warranty.

Single Domain

Comodo provides validation for a single fully qualified domain name with your EV SSL SGC certificate.

Extended Validation

Comodo checks domain ownership and audits your organisation before issuing the EV SSL SGC certificate. This assures your visitors that they're dealing with a bona-fide company.

Dynamische Site Seal

A Dynamic Site Seal is a clickable image provided by your Certificate Authority that serves as a visual proof that your website is secure. Site Seals increase visitor trust and drive sales conversions.

Unlimited server licenses

This certificate can be installed on an unlimited number of servers, allowing you to install it on load balancers, or on several independent websites, if you choose a wildcard or SAN certificate.

Green Address Bar in the browser

As a reward for the strict validation process for the EV SSL SGC certificate, your visitors' address bar turns green and displays your company name. Customers know right away they're browsing a highly secure site

Server Gated Cryptography (SGC)

Server Gated Cryptography is a feature that allows older browsers to upgrade their weak 40-bit encryption to a minimum of 128 bit. If you need to provide increased security for a number of legacy browsers, the EV SSL SGC certificate may be the answer.



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