Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than ever a "hot topic".
Kinamo already applies "CSR" ever since the start in the daily operations.

Besides the ecological aspect of sustainability, CSR also assist us to feel good at work and contribute to a balanced work environment.
This means: a correct service offer with the guiding principle of finding a balance between people, work and environment.

Environment friendly hosting

Our data centers operate with green power. This means that the energy generated is 100% from renewable energy sources, namely wind, biomass and solar energy. The Kinamo office also relies entirely on green energy.

In addition to the use of green energy Kinamo strives to a constant improvement in terms of server infrastructure and hardware. We work exclusively with energy efficient hardware which provides a perfect balance between performance and power consumption.

Corporate governance

Responsible business or "good governance" is a broad term. We use the definition as "providing a pleasant working environment for employees" on one hand but also a customer-friendly company with personal approach to customers Kinamo on the other hand.

We believe that a modern enterprise must ensure a healthy "work-life" balance for employees and customers should feel that they are not knocking at a "supplier" door, but at the door of someone who thinks pro-actively ahead. Fashion terms, that's right, but Kinamo is working for more than ten years according to this principle... and with success!

Reinvesting and community support

We strongly believe in the reinvestment of knowledge both internally and externally. This translates into continuous search for economic solutions, automation and business process improvement. Another focus is to spread knowledge to the outside world via an extensive knowledge base.

Besides the extensive range of knowledge we invest regularly in non-profit and educational projects. Both by offering knowledge and consultancy but also in terms of development and technical support.