The advantages of Kinamo

Our extensive service offer can be carefully combined into a total solution package for your company, from connectivity, website solutions to complete management of your network and IT infrastructure.

Customers choose Kinamo for a diversity of these and other reasons, not only because they like us!

Always available

We are always ready for you, no matter what your question or problem is. Waiting times by phone are unknown to us and e-mail tickets are answered immediatly.

Innovative solutions

We analyse every new trend and technological evolution individually - detached from all the hype - and implement what really matters, as our customer, you can be sure that you have chosen a ICT partner who has the correct skills and is not guided by yet another technological bubble.

Our virtualisation solutions are a fine example. We go further then the 'average virtual server' and combine unique technology in order to offer a new, advanced hosting platform.

Extensive problem solving

Our network is very stable and performing. Unfortunately it can fail in some rare occasions and a problem may occur. Such determinations are immediatly analyzed and fixed. Our server systems are closely monitored and hardware problems are fixed even before you know about it.

All things aside, we choose reliable, enterprise grade hardware when it comes to investing in our infrastructure. By choosing quality and reliability we tend to reduce problems to a minimal degree, with great success!

In-house knowledge

In a small team, task management is essential. As gears in a well oiled machine, each seperate link works with only one purpose: being available for you, the customer.

Our employees are not aiming for a wall filled with titles and awards, but prefer to take the bull by its horns and tackle every problem.

This way of working means we're already more than 10 years “Kinamo”. Did you know that Kinamo is swahili for "flexible"?

Correct price versus quality ratio

Quality has a certain price. This is both for services as products. Kinamo certainly isn't among the cheapest hosting providers on the market.

We do not believe in ‘cheap’, this is always at the cost of something: quality of service or support after your purchase. Neither do we believe in paying too much, just because the market expects you to.

Our pricing is based on a healthy balance between our quality guarantees, linked to an outstanding service and support. No hidden agenda’s, no over-selling, no hidden pitfalls.