Kinamo Private Cloud

A private cloud environment offers you the flexibility of public cloud hosting but with the insurance of dedicated server hosting: full isolation of data, enhanced security, guaranteed resources, autonomous control of your own configuration and hardware.

Setting up a private cloud environment is not easy and requires planning and vision. Kinamo guides you in this process by helping you build a reliable private cloud infrastructure on the platform of your choice.

The private cloud solutions offered by Kinamo come as "fully managed", in short this means Kinamo experts take care of the management, followup, upgrades and monitoring of your infrastructure while you may fully focus on your core business.

A true "dedicated" environment

A private cloud server solution uses a fully managed dedicated server environment with private storage area network (SAN) for optimum security and isolation of your data and infrastructure.
As hypervisor you may rely on VMware vCloud™ for a more enterprise aimed approach, or Apache Cloudstack for flexibility, cutting-edge technology (Cassandra, MongoDB) and rapid deployment.

Service Level Agreements to rely on

An additional advantage of private cloud hosting are the rock solid service level agreements you can built upon.
After all, your IT infrastructure is the heart of your business and we want to offer the necessary guarantees. Kinamo maintains the heartbeat of your private cloud, 24x7x365.

Secure & Scalable

Thanks to the isolated environment you are in control of the physical network, compute nodes and attached storage.
Enhance your private cloud even more with firewall instances, separate storage and more for additional security layers.

logo VMware

Private cloud with VMware vCloud™

Building a private cloud with VMware vCloud™ technology is a thorough decision: you build a private cloud based on a solid partner with underlying an excellent integration of soft- and hardware (Kinamo uses Dell® en EMC® hardware).

VMware private cloud solutions are the best choice for enterprises choosing the leader in terms of server virtualisation software, insurance and better control of the private cloud infrastructure thanks to their own dedicated VMware vCenter™ management server.

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Private cloud with Apache Cloudstack

The power of Apache Cloudstack lies in the flexibility: thanks to an API driven backend the provisioning of virtual machines on a private cloud infrastructure becomes fully automated. Apache Cloudstack already earned its stripes as valid alternative for Amazon Web Services (AWS), even the API is fully AWS EC2 compliant.

A private cloud with Apache Cloudstack is best suited for companies or organizations that wish to use a maximum of flexibility, radpi deployment and technology that goes hand in hand with the newest progressions in terms of cloud computing. Apache Cloudstack uses KVM as hypervisor.

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